Voice and Chat Service Help

As part of the City’s commitment to delivering accessible, diverse and inclusive programs and services, the Service Cambridge Voice and Chat Service will allow residents easy access to the city related information you need any time of day through your own smart home devices.

The Service Cambridge Voice and Chat Service is available through the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa Marketplace. Simply use voice commands or a chatbot interface to help you find city related information like, who your Councillor is, find the nearest recreation facility or how to pay a parking ticket. You can say, “Hey Google, talk to Service Cambridge" or if using Alexa, enable the service in the Alexa app settings and then say “Alexa, open Service Cambridge."

For more information on how to access this service, please view the instructional video

Sample FAQs

You can start your conversation with service cambridge voice app and chatbot by just asking “Hey Google, talk to Service Cambridge" or "“Alexa, open Service Cambridge" followed by any of the sample questions listed below.
  • Who is my mayor?
  • Who is my councillor?
  • What ward am I in?
  • Where’s the nearest park?
  • Where’s the nearest arena?
  • Where’s the nearest museums?
  • Who plows my sidewalk?
  • Where do I go to vote?